Learn these four shots top pros say will boost your game 50% INSTANTLY!

This free course will change the way you play pool forever!

  • Learn this simple technique over 90% of professional pool players use to aim their shots and get great shape so effortlessly.

  • Master the four basic shots that dominate every shot in pool and how to integrate this knowledge in to your game immediately.
  • Find out how certain table conditions effect every one of your shots and the best techniques for compensating for them.

  • We will show you how inadvertent side spin has been degrading your shot making ability and you probably didn’t even know it.

  • Receive video demonstrations that teach you ever aspect of this simple method in fun and interactive ways. We will have the top pros spilling their guts to you about every aspect of their game, there’s never been such great info provided to you. 

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          The essence of all pool shots can be boiled down to one of four basic angles, it is that simple. Great players have hidden these simple secrets for decades in order to dominate their local pool tournaments and take your money. This training will turn the tables and instantly level the playing field and it all ABSOLUTELY FREE FOREVER. These four shots, once mastered, will form the base knowledge that will solidify your play and catapult your game to the next level. Of course there is no magic pill that will instantly transform you in to a rack running maniac, but this is about as close to is as you’ll get. Master these four shots and see the opportunities at the table open up like never before. Never again will you walk to the table feeling helpless, never again will you need to rack your brain under pressure only to miss the shot and let your team down. Let these techniques give you the knowledge necessary to brush off the pressure and sink big shots with ultimate confidence.
          Pool Players Union is a group of players willing to unveil the true methods great players use to effortlessly pocket balls and then control the cue ball with absolute precision. We hate to hear someone brush off an honest question with “Just go practice”, knowing they’re holding back vital knowledge that could offer true insight, or even worse, give bad information that sends the player down a rabbit hole they may never recover from. Get the right information the first time from some of the best players in the world.

Upcoming courses will include

  • Banking
  • Kicking
  • Position Play
  • and Lock Down Safeties

all based off of the skills developed during this lesson. Help us grow Pool Players Union together so players get the right information before developing the terrible habits that have hurt so many players for so long.